August 19, 2022

13 Popular Dog Boarding Services In Singapore For Your Puppy

Dog boarding services are back in high demand as international borders open up and pet owners begin travelling again. Many people are partaking in “revenge travel” and making up for time lost during the pandemic. However, it’s difficult and costly to bring your puppy along with you for vacation. It may also be inconvenient for your family and friends to help care for your dog. In such cases, sending your beloved pupper to a pet boarder may be the best option.

different dog breeds

What is pet boarding?

Pet or dog boarding is when you send your pet to a facility where they will be cared for by professionals. There are usually other pets being cared for, which means that resources and attention are shared among them.

On the other hand, pet sitting refers to having someone take care of your pet on a one-to-one basis. This is usually done by a friend or family member, although you may also hire an experienced pet sitter online.

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Preparing your dog for dog boarding

Ensure your dog is in its best condition before you entrust it to a dog boarding facility and take off for your vacation. Pawlyclinic provides teleconsultation and physical consultations for dog checkups. You can also refill your dog’s prescription and get express medication delivery if needed. You can then pass this medicine to the pet boarding staff to feed your dog as required.

How to choose the best dog boarding service

Nobody likes to leave their precious dog with someone else. However, it can be necessary, especially if you will be away for extended periods of time. You should consider your options carefully before choosing the best dog boarding house for your puppy. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to enjoy your vacation without any guilt. In the best case scenario, your puppy may even enjoy itself or learn new tricks at the dog boarding house!

Here are a few key criteria you may look out for when choosing the best dog boarding service for your pet.

1. Space

How large is your dog? Is it used to running freely around an open space in your home? If so, you may want to choose pet boarding services with bigger rooms to accommodate your dog’s preferences. After all, your dog will be staying in this place for the next few days, if not longer. You may as well choose a facility that will give your dog the greatest level of comfort.

2. Hygiene

What are the living conditions in the facility? You may check this out by heading down physically to examine the hygiene standards and conditions of the place. You can also read Google reviews online to ensure that they are a reliable dog boarding service.

3. Food

This is one of the key factors that can determine how much your dog likes it at the pet boarding house. Ensure that your dog gets the quality food it deserves. Speak with the staff at the dog boarding centre to find out what and how your pup will be fed. Again, you may also learn more about the quality of food by reading reviews online.

Some boarding centres encourage you to bring your own pet food so that all dogs receive the nutrition that best suits their needs. Using your own familiar dog food can also ease your puppy in and ensure they retain their appetite throughout their stay.

4. Activities

Your dog is likely to be bored or anxious if it is left alone all day. Some dog boarding centres in Singapore schedule play sessions or allocate staff to socialise with the dogs. Some premium dog boarding facilities may even include dog pools, spa, training or games! These fun activities help to keep your beloved puppy occupied, happy and healthy while you are away.

5. Veterinary Care

If you are worried about your puppy falling sick while you are away, you may send it to a dog boarding centre with professional vets and nurses. Some pet boarding services do include veterinary care and monitoring. 

6. Bonus - 24/7 Monitoring

This is not a must, but can give added reassurance to pet owners who may miss their dogs. This may be a particularly important criteria if your dog has long-term health conditions, social anxiety, or is very young. Some pet boarding services provide video camera monitoring, allowing you to see or sometimes even speak to your pup virtually. This can help you check in on your dog even while you are miles away.

Best dog boarding services in Singapore

With that being said, here are 13 of the most popular dog boarding services for you to choose from. These pet boarding centres were chosen based on their reviews and features offered.

1. Sunny Heights

sunny heights

Sunny Heights has earned glowing reviews from many customers. This dog facility provides boarding services, training and even a dog cafe in the same venue. All guests are required to sign up for a minimum of 4 days of daycare prior to enrolling in the dog boarding centre. This allows the staff to socialise with your pet and assess their temperament. Your dog will then be housed with other pets of similar temperaments during their stay.

The outdoor pool and garden are freely accessible for your dog throughout its stay. It’ll be as if your dog is having its own holiday too! Complimentary webcam services are also provided. 

The rates are as follows.

Options Price
Pack boarding (shared) $35
Suite boarding (private) $48

Address: 110 Turf Club Rd, Singapore 288000

Contact: 6314 9363


2. Pampered Pets

pampered pets

Pampered Pets is a dog boarding service located at Pet Lovers Centre in Star Vista. This is reputed to be one of the best dog boarding centres in Singapore as the staff provide personalised care for everyone. Countless customers have given this dog boarding house stellar reviews and promised to return in future. This comes as no surprise, as the team is well experienced with over a decade in the pet industry. As a bonus, Pampered Pets even offers pet taxi services to bring your dog there. This can come in handy if you are in a rush or have too many other matters to handle!

The rates vary depending on the tier you select.

Type Size 1 pet 2 pets 3 pets
Camp Boarding (mingle with other day care dogs in the play area, and caged bed) Small dog $80 $140 $180
Big dog $100 $180 $240
Junior Suite (suitable for small dogs below 10kg) NA $100 $160 $240
Premium Suite (suitable for large dogs above 18kg, or for pet owners who want a bigger space) NA $120 $200

Address: 1 Vista Exchange Green, The Star Vista #01-14/15, Singapore 138617

(Nearest MRT: Buona Vista)

Contact: 6694 0936


3. Mutts & Mittens

Mutts & Mittens

Mutts & Mittens is a pet boarding place that houses both dogs and cats! This dog hotel also doubles as a house for rescued animals. Your pet boarding fees will help to fund the care services provided for these poor animals. This makes Mutts & Mittens an ideal dog boarding centre to support if you are an animal lover with a heart for charity. At the same time, this dog boarding house provides excellent services by well-trained staff and resident vet nurses. Your dog is sure to be well taken care of here.

Mutts & Mittens provides a daily 15-minutes walk, exercise sessions, and weekly basis grooming.

Boarding fees are based on the weight of your dog.

Size Price per night
Small (below 10kg) $40
Medium (11 to 20kg) $45
Large (21 to 30kg) $50
Extra Large (31kg and above) $55

There are special discounts for certain groups of dogs, as shown below.

  • 10% off for adopted dogs from Animal Welfare Groups
  • 20% off for dogs who are boarding for 1 to 2 months
  • 30% off for dogs who are boarding for 3 months and above

On the other hand, a surcharge of $5 per night applies on the eve and actual day of public holidays.

Address: 159 Sungei Tengah Road, The Animal Lodge, Blk B #01-03/04 Singapore 699014

(Nearest MRT: Yew Tee)

Contact: 6583 7371 / 6583 7372


4. Fyfy’s Love Pet Services

Fyfy’s Love Pet Services

Another dog boarding service you can opt for is Fyfy’s Love Pet Services. This homegrown pet boarding place is run personally by the owner, Karen. She has received many positive reviews as she takes the time to learn about your dog’s preferences and temperament. She then caters her care approach accordingly. 

This trusty dog boarding house is also relatively affordable, at just $35 per night and up. For more details on Fyfy’s rates, please reach out via their Facebook page or

Address: 90 Joo Chiat Rd, #02-01, Singapore 427384

Contact: 9026 0492

5. Petpause


Petpause promises premium dog boarding services that your dogs will love. The dog hotel has a minimalistic aesthetic and offers air-conditioned rooms with orthopaedic beds and aromatherapy. Which dog wouldn’t love to live in such a comfortable space that’s all for itself? 

Petpause also provides transport services back and forth if required. These range from $40 to $50 per trip depending on the time and day. In general, weekdays from 10am to 5pm is the best time to book your pet taxi services.

There are different suites for your beloved pets. The prices are as shown below.

Cosy Suite (small)
Junior Suite (small to medium)
Executive Suite (all sizes)
33 ft2
Premium Suite (all sizes)
Extra Large (31kg and above) $55

You can also pay for add-on services, such as additional cuddle or brushing time at $10 per 30 minutes, gourmet meal options for $20 per day, supervised gym and treadmill time at $15 per 30 minutes, de-tick services, healthy handmade snacks and more.

Address: 59 Sungei Tengah, Block W, #01-54, Singapore 699014

(Nearest MRT: Choa Chu Kang)

Contact: 9233 5322


6. The Wagington Luxury Pet Hotels & Resorts

The Wagington Luxury Pet Hotels & Resorts

Let your dog live like a king or queen at this luxurious dog hotel! The Wagington is famous for being one of the best dog boarding hotels in Singapore. Indulge your dog here with beautiful suites, customised meals, orthopaedic beds made with handcrafted leather, and lovely gardens with antimicrobial and hypoallergenic grass.

The Wagington also has surveillance cameras set up throughout the facility, allowing you to check in on your beloved puppy anytime. This premium dog boarding facility will also keep your dog well entertained with swimming, treadmill training, salon and spa treatments, and other fun activities! 

The fees are higher than most other dog boarding services. However, this is to be expected given the exquisite level of service they provide.

Package Size Price per night
5 Days Package Small Dogs (10kg and below) $260
Medium Dogs (11 to 24kg) $305
Large Dogs (Above 24kg) $330
20 Days Package Small Dogs (10kg and below) $900
Medium Dogs (11 to 24kg) $1100
Large Dogs (Above 24kg) $1200

Your dog will be required to go through a 3 hours temperament evaluation assessment prior to booking. The assessment is chargeable at $35 per dog.

Address: 27B Loewen Road, Singapore 248850

Nearest MRT: Commonwealth

Contact: 9638 6347


7. The Collar Club

The Collar Club

The Collar Club offers amazing dog boarding services in the Southern side of Singapore. This air-conditioned premium dog hotel offers tons of activities to keep your puppy or dog entertained. The Collar Club provides interactive toys and houses a large open area for your dog to roam freely. The staff will also take your pooch out on daily walks in the great outdoors. This helps your puppy to get the amount of exercise they require, and helps to lessen stress.

In terms of food, The Collar Club offers handmade healthy dog snacks that will nourish your dogs and fuel their day of fun! 

Please contact The Collar Club directly for their pricing.

Address: 478 River Valley Road, Singapore 248363

Contact: 8768 3484


8. Wanderlodge Pet Hotel & Suites

Wanderlodge Pet Hotel & Suites

Give your dog the chalet experience with Wanderlodge Pet Hotel! This dog boarding centre offers a cage-free boarding experience and allows your dog to roam as much as it wants. Your furkid will be well taken care of by pet sitters, trained staff and vets. Wanderlodge is known for its fun activities and dog training programmes. Not only will your dog enjoy itself, it will even learn new skills and tricks in this place! For instance, Wanderlodge can help train your dog to obey instructions, control their bladder and bowel, and walk with a loose leash. Boarding centre? More like boarding school!

Size Price
Extra small dog (below 4kg) $40
Small dog (4.1 to 10kg) $45
Medium dog (10.1 to 20kg) $60
Large dog (20.1 to 30kg) $75
Extra large dog (30.1 to 40kg) $80

There is also a compulsory fee of $15 for anti-ticks protection, unless you have proof that they are already on prevention. Additional charges are applicable for services such as food for your dog, grooming, and transportation services to and from the centre.

Address: Stratton Drive, Singapore 805946

Contact: 82335100


9. Petopia


Petopia gives your furkid the attention it deserves by assigning a dedicated specialist to each dog. Hotel specialists are focused on a maximum of five pets under their care. This sets Petopia apart from other great dog boarding services in Singapore. 

This well-established pet boarding place offers 24-hour air-conditioned suites and customised care for your dog. You are encouraged to bring your own pet food, although frozen or dehydrated food options are also available at a surcharge.

Petopia is also one of the best dog boarding hotels available for pet parents who want to check in on their furkids easily. Their surveillance cameras allow you to tune in to what your dog is doing at any time! Petopia even offers extra privacy for dogs who haven’t been spayed or neutered. These dogs get their own playtimes and walks, and the genders are separated for safety.

Contact Petopia for more information on their pricing.

Address: Seletar Hills Estate, 26 Jalan Kelulut, Singapore 809043

Contact: 6886 9056


10. Ginny and Friends Dog Day Care

Ginny and Friends Dog Day Care

Ginny and Friends has won many customers over the years. The level of care provided makes it feel like a second home for your furkids. Leave your dog in safe hands with staff who treat your dog like their own. You are encouraged to bring your dog’s preferred food and any medication they may have. You can even bring your dog’s own bed, treats and blankets for maximum comfort! However, this dog boarding service also provides orthopaedic beds so there’s no need to worry if you would rather not use your bed at the dog hotel.

The staff are there 24 hours a day so you can be rest assured that your dog is being well taken care of at all times. Ginny and Friends even provides complimentary webcam services, a feature that is often charged for at other good dog hotels. 

The rates are as follows. All prices are inclusive of webcam services.

Size Price for 1st dog Price for 2nd dog
Small $45 $40
Medium $50 $45
Large $55 $50
Gigantic $60 $55

You can also get a 10% discount if your dog is boarding for more than 21 days.

There is a surcharge of $20 per day on the eves of and actual days of public holidays.

Address: 9 Thong Soon Avenue, Singapore 787436

(Nearest MRT: Khatib, Yio Chu Kang)

Contact: 6754 3677


11. Breakfast at Fluffy’s

Breakfast at Fluffy’s

Breakfast at Fluffy’s is a boutique pet hotel where your dog can enjoy the best and finest. This pet hotel promises cage-less luxury and immaculate spaces for your puppy. There are also staff on duty 24/7, as well as webcam and concierge services round the clock. Guests are even pampered with complimentary showering services and two daily walks. Breakfast at Fluffy’s is able to customise its care for your dog, for example keeping strictly to scheduled daily walks for grass trained dogs to maintain as much normalcy as possible. 

Pawrents can also let their furkids join swimming sessions at their huge heated dog pool. For food, dog owners are welcome to bring your dog’s usual food. However, special preparation of organic food or dry kibble are also available for a small fee.

Their extra services charge low fees of $3 and onwards. For instance, you can get CCTV access for just $3 per night, and fur or teeth brushing for $5 a day. 

As one of the best dog hotels in Singapore, it should come as no surprise that the fees are slightly higher than other dog boarding places. The fees are listed below.

Size Price 10-night package price per night
Small $70 $62
Medium $80 $72
Large $96 $88
X-Large $120 $112

Address: 318 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427569

(Nearest MRT: Eunos)

Contact: 9690 9876


12. Urban Paws

Urban Paws

Does your pet enjoy socialising with others? Then it will love the pack walks, dog park visits and swimming sessions at Urban Paws! This fun dog boarding house provides plenty of activities for you to choose from. The place is highly reviewed by dog owners and previous dog boarders. Entrust your dog into the hands of professionals providing round-the-clock care! Your puppies and dogs will also be allowed to frolic freely around the house in the day time.

For more information on Urban Paws’ pricing, please contact them directly.

Telok Kurau (East Branch):

Address: 224 Telok Kurau Rd, #01-06 Uni Building, Singapore 423836

(Nearest MRT: Kembangan, Eunos or Paya Lebar)

Contact: 8833 2378

Jurong East (West Branch):

Address: 2 Jurong Gateway Road, Spark 01-04, 608512

Contact: 8833 2378

Hougang Green (North Branch):

Address: 21 Hougang St 51, #02-03 Green Shopping Mall, Singapore 538719

Contact: 6386 6065


13. Happy Dog Care 

Happy Dog Care 

Happy Dog provides a themed indoor playground for dogs. The space is designed to let your pets play to their hearts’ content while in a safe and secure environment. The Pet Care Assistants are also present at all times to take care of your dog. This dog care centre has 2 venues, 1 at Bukit Timah and another at Balestier.

Contact Happy Dog directly for boarding rates.

Bukit Timah Branch:

Address: 93 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore, Singapore 269765

Contact: 6466 5242

Balestier Branch:

Address: 530 Balestier Rd, Singapore 329857

Contact: 6252 5242

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Disclaimer: Pawlyclinic has no affiliation to all the dog boarding service providers mentioned above.

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