December 26, 2023

10 Popular Dog Cake Shops in Singapore: Exploring Popular Bakeries & Customized Options

Dog cakes are all the rage in Singapore, where pampering pets is a way of life. These special treats have become a beloved trend, reflecting the city's deep affection for its furry companions. From birthdays to adoption anniversaries, Singaporeans spare no expense in celebrating their canine friends with delectable and visually appealing cakes. This growing demand has spurred a surge of creativity within the pet industry, offering an array of flavors and designs tailored exclusively for dogs.

1. Petissier:

Website: Petissier


  • Specializes in dog and cat pastry, offering a range of pet-friendly cakes and treats.
  • Features a variety of cake collections, including Plain Cake, Designer Cake, 3D Cake, Pupcakes, and Bundle Sets.
  • Provides customizable options for pet cakes, ensuring a special treat for pets on birthdays or any occasion.

Petissier is a dedicated dog and cat pastry company in Singapore, offering an exquisite variety of cakes and treats made specially for pets. They understand the joy pets bring into homes and celebrate this bond with their unique offerings. Whether it's a birthday, adoption anniversary, or a special treat day, Petissier has something to make the occasion memorable. Their plain cakes are perfect for any pet's taste, while the designer and 3D cakes add an extra special touch to celebrations. For those looking to celebrate in a smaller way, pupcakes and treat bundles provide a delightful surprise. Each item is crafted with care, keeping pet safety and taste preferences in mind. Petissier stands as a testament to innovative pet pampering, offering loving pet owners a unique way to celebrate their furry friends.

2. BarknBake:

Website: BarknBake


  • Offers a wide array of custom dog cakes, bakes, and party services, focusing on celebrations for canines.
  • Provides a variety of cake types, including 2-ingredients cakes for sensitive pups, ombre cakes, floral cakes, DogNut cakes, tall cakes, fruit cakes, and themed cakes.
  • Committed to using 100% natural, human-grade ingredients for all meat and vegan cakes, ensuring wholesome and safe treats for pets.

BarknBake is dedicated to celebrating the love pet owners have for their dogs with an extensive variety of custom cakes and bakes. Understanding that each dog has unique dietary needs, they offer a range of customizable cakes to suit any canine friend. From simple 2-ingredient cakes for sensitive pups to elaborate themed creations, every cake is made with 100% natural, human-grade ingredients. Alongside their cakes, BarknBake offers fresh dog meals tailored to specific dietary requirements, making meal planning for pets convenient and worry-free. With their commitment to quality, safety, and taste, BarknBake is an ideal choice for pet owners looking to celebrate their furry friends with a special treat or a full-fledged dog party. Whether it's a birthday, gotcha day, or just because, BarknBake ensures that every celebration is both fun and delicious for your beloved pup.

3. Feed My Paws:

Website: Feed My Paws


  • Specializes in healthy and irresistible dog birthday cakes, made fresh with human-grade ingredients.
  • Offers a diverse range of cakes, cupcakes, and pupcakes all handcrafted in their dog bakery, ensuring quality and safety.
  • Focuses on fresh, natural ingredients with cakes made only with fresh meat and veggies, and colors derived from organic fruits and veggies.

Feed My Paws brings a delightful twist to celebrating dog birthdays and special occasions with their range of freshly handcrafted cakes, cupcakes, and pupcakes. Understanding the importance of health and safety, they use only human-grade ingredients, ensuring that each treat is as nutritious as it is delicious. Since 2013, they've been making birthdays special with their fresh meat and veggie cakes, decorated with natural colors from organic sources. The bakery prides itself on its commitment to quality and taste, making every celebration a hit with furry friends. Whether you're looking for a custom cake for a birthday, gotcha day, or just to show some extra love, Feed My Paws offers a variety of options to pamper your pooch. With their focus on health, taste, and creativity, they ensure every treat is a joyful and safe indulgence for pets.

4. Barking Good:

Website: Barking Good


  • Offers "The Classic" cake, a customizable treat for dogs, allowing choices of meat (beef, pork, chicken, salmon, vegetarian), frosting color, and size.
  • Uses 100% natural ingredients with no artificial coloring, ensuring a safe and tasty treat for pets. Ingredients include a choice of meat or vegetarian options, potato, carrot, egg, applesauce, peanut butter, oat flour, and chia seeds.
  • Provides detailed information about the cake's size, portioning, and storage instructions, ensuring pet owners can serve the right amount and maintain freshness.

Barking Good is dedicated to creating special moments for pets with their classic Personal Cakes. Known for their commitment to quality and safety, their cakes are made with natural, human-grade ingredients, ensuring a healthy treat for your furry friend. "The Classic" offers personalization in terms of size, meat choice, and even the color of the frosting, all derived from natural fruit and vegetable colors. With detailed care instructions and the option to add personalized messages, Barking Good ensures each cake is as special as the pet it's made for. Whether celebrating a birthday or just wanting to spoil your pup, Barking Good's offerings promise a delightful and nutritious way to show love for your canine companion.

5. Full Of Loose Fur:

Website: Full Of Loose Fur


  • Offers a wide range of dog cakes and treats, focusing on quality and aesthetics with options like Pronto Frozen Cakes, Petite Bento Cakes, Fiesta Party Cakes, Custom Cakes, and Pawty Bundles.
  • Emphasizes creativity and personalization, providing custom cake designs and decorations to suit various themes and occasions.
  • All products are carefully crafted with pet-friendly ingredients, ensuring a safe and delightful experience for furry friends.

Full Of Loose Fur brings a fun and festive approach to pet celebrations with their extensive range of dog cakes and treats. Each product is carefully crafted to ensure it's not only visually appealing but also safe and enjoyable for pets. From frozen cakes that are ready-to-serve to elaborately designed custom cakes, there's something to fit every pet's preference and every owner's imagination. The bakery prides itself on its commitment to quality, offering treats that are as wholesome as they are delightful. Whether you're celebrating a birthday, gotcha day, or just want to spoil your canine companion, Full Of Loose Fur provides a variety of options to make any day special. With their focus on creativity, quality, and safety, they are a popular choice for pet owners looking to celebrate their furry friends in style.

6. The Barkery:

Website: The Barkery Singapore


  • A dedicated bakery for dogs, offering a wide range of dog treats including standard and novelty cakes, snacks, and dietary supplements.
  • Commits to using all-natural, human-grade ingredients in every product, with no added preservatives, artificial colors, or flavors.
  • Provides various snack options like biscuits and dehydrated treats, along with raw and cooked food to cater to different dietary needs of dogs.

The Barkery Singapore is a one-stop destination for all canine culinary delights, crafting a wide variety of all-natural treats and cakes. Recognized for their commitment to quality and the well-being of dogs, they ensure that every product is made from the finest human-grade ingredients. Whether you are looking for a special birthday cake, healthy snacks, or nutritious meals for your pet, The Barkery has something to offer. With a focus on health and taste, their range of products is designed to pamper pets while providing them with wholesome nutrition. The Barkery's passion for pets goes beyond just baking; they are committed to supporting the health and happiness of dogs, making them a beloved choice among pet owners.

7. CoBam Cakes:

Website: CoBam Cakes


  • Specializes in designer cakes for dogs, offering a bespoke and refined cake experience.
  • Features a wide range of cakes with various flavors and customizable options, including the Printemps Collection and Sakura Blossom Cupcakes.
  • Dedicated to creating luxurious, creative, and tasty treats for dogs, ensuring a special celebration for each furry friend.

CoBam Cakes is a premium dog bakery in Singapore known for its designer cakes and cupcakes, tailored specifically for the pampered pooch. They provide a bespoke cake experience, focusing on luxury, creativity, and taste. Each cake is crafted with care and attention to detail, ensuring that your dog's special day is celebrated with as much pomp and splendor as they deserve. With a wide range of flavors and customizable options, pet owners can select a treat that not only looks spectacular but also caters to their dog's taste and dietary needs. CoBam Cakes stands out in the pet cake industry for its commitment to quality and its ability to turn a simple treat into an extraordinary celebration of your pet's life.

8. US Dog Bakery:

Website: US Dog Bakery


  • Specializes in a variety of dog treats, including daily meals, cakes, pastries, and treats, all baked with love and quality ingredients.
  • Offers a wide selection of everyday treats like beef pot pie, meaty puff set, pork puffs, and chicken puffs, focusing on tasty and nutritious options for dogs.
  • Features convenient locations within pet-friendly malls, making it accessible for pet owners to drop by and pick up their treats.

US Dog Bakery is dedicated to providing a wide range of dog treats and meals, focusing on high-quality, nutritious options that keep dogs happy and healthy. With a passion for pets, they offer a diverse selection of items, including cakes for special occasions and daily treats to keep tails wagging. Their commitment to using wholesome, human-grade ingredients ensures that each treat is not only tasty but also beneficial for dogs. Located in pet-friendly malls, US Dog Bakery makes it convenient for pet owners to access a variety of baked goods, making it a popular stop for those looking to indulge their furry friends with something special. Whether it's a birthday celebration or just a daily treat, US Dog Bakery offers something to make every dog's day a bit brighter.

9. Wholesome Paws:

Website: Wholesome Paws


  • Offers artisanal pet kitchen and bakery items, creating healthy yet delicious treats and gourmet meals for pets.
  • All products are made with 100% meats and human-grade ingredients, ensuring quality and safety.
  • Operates in an Animal & Veterinary Service (AVS) licensed premise, reflecting their commitment to standards and pet well-being.

Wholesome Paws is a dedicated pet food artisan based in Singapore, focusing on providing healthy and tasty culinary options for pets. As a kitchen and bakery, they craft a wide range of treats and meals, all made from the finest human-grade ingredients. The commitment to quality is evident in their choice of 100% meats and fresh, safe components, ensuring that pets enjoy the same level of quality in their meals as their owners do. Their dedication to pet health and satisfaction has made them a favorite among pet owners looking for wholesome, nutritious, and enjoyable food options for their furry friends. With their passion for pets and commitment to excellence, Wholesome Paws continues to delight pets and their owners alike.

10. Pawlicious Bakery:

Website: Pawlicious Bakery


  • Specializes in custom cakes and treats for dogs, emphasizing health and creativity in every creation.
  • Commits to using no butter, sugar, salt, preservatives, artificial colorings, and flavorings, ensuring treats that are safe and healthy for pets.
  • Offers a wide range of customizable cake options, including 3D novelty cakes and basic cakes, each crafted from scratch for unique celebrations.

Pawlicious Bakery is a pet-centric bakery that prides itself on creating custom cakes and treats that cater specifically to the dietary needs and celebration moments of dogs. Established in 2013, they have built a reputation for not using any potentially harmful ingredients, focusing instead on safe, healthy, and creative solutions for pet treats. Each cake is an individualized work of art, crafted from scratch to suit the theme and tastes of the pet it's made for. With an emphasis on health and creativity, Pawlicious Bakery ensures that every celebration is as special and unique as the pets themselves. Whether you're looking for a birthday treat or just a special snack for your furry friend, Pawlicious Bakery offers a range of options to make any day a bit more delightful.

Exploring Popular Dog Bakeries in Singapore

Wide Range

If you're looking for dog cakes in Singapore, there are several popular dog bakeries that offer a wide range of delicious and healthy treats for your furry friend. These bakeries understand the importance of providing high-quality and safe ingredients for pets, ensuring that their products are not only tasty but also beneficial to their health.

One example is located in Serangoon, where pet owners can find an array of options such as customized dog birthday cakes, pupcakes, and even special treats for dogs with dietary restrictions. These bakeries often use natural ingredients like peanut butter, pumpkin, and honey to create delectable desserts that are safe for dogs to consume.

Best Dog Cakes

These dog bakeries stand out due to their dedication to crafting treats specifically tailored to meet canine needs. The emphasis on using wholesome ingredients ensures that the cakes not only taste great but also contribute positively to a dog's overall well-being.

At these establishments, pet owners can choose from a variety of flavors such as carrot cake or banana cake – all designed with dogs' nutritional requirements in mind. Some bakeries offer personalized designs so you can celebrate your furry companion's special occasions with a unique and appetizing cake.

Customized Birthday Cakes for Your Furry Friend

Tailored Delights

When celebrating your dog's birthday, why not make it extra special with a customized dog cake? These personalized treats are tailored to suit your furry friend's specific preferences and dietary requirements. Whether your pup has a penchant for peanut butter or is sensitive to certain ingredients, these cakes can be made just right for them. Imagine the delight on their little paws when they see a cake designed especially for them.

These pupcakes come in various flavors, from classic meaty options to more adventurous choices like carrot or banana. The frosting can also be customized—some bakeries even offer yogurt-based frosting that's safe and enjoyable for dogs. It's all about creating a delightful experience that suits your dog's tastes while ensuring that it aligns with their health needs.

A Unique Celebration

The beauty of these custom cakes lies in the ability to tailor every aspect according to what makes your pup happiest. From the flavor and texture of the cake itself down to the decorative elements, everything can be personalized based on what you know will bring joy to your furry companion. This unique celebration allows you to express love and appreciation for your dog in an extraordinary way.

Special Cakes for Celebrating Chinese New Year with Your Dog

Symbolic Designs

In Singapore, celebrating Chinese New Year with your dog can be extra special with a traditional dog cake. These cakes are not just delicious treats for your furry friend but also carry symbolic designs to bring luck and prosperity. The cakes often feature auspicious symbols such as the Chinese character "福" (fu), which means good fortune, or the depiction of zodiac animals associated with the upcoming year.

The vibrant colors and intricate decorations on these dog cakes reflect the joyful spirit of the festive season. They are carefully crafted to resemble traditional Chinese New Year decorations, making them visually appealing and perfect for capturing heartwarming moments with your beloved pet.

Festive Ingredients

These special dog cakes often incorporate elements that symbolize good luck and happiness in Chinese culture. For example, they might contain ingredients like sweet potatoes for prosperity or carrots for good luck. Some bakers even infuse the cakes with flavors like chicken or beef to cater to dogs' taste preferences while maintaining cultural relevance.

These festive dog cakes offer a wonderful way to involve your pet in the joyous celebrations of Chinese New Year. By treating your furry companion to a custom-made cake designed specifically for this occasion, you're not only sharing cherished traditions but also creating lasting memories together.

Quick Turnaround Dog Cake Options for Last-Minute Celebrations

Convenient Delivery

If you find yourself in need of a dog cake at short notice, several bakeries in Singapore offer quick turnaround options. These bakeries understand that sometimes celebrations are planned at the last minute and have tailored their services to accommodate such situations. You can simply place an order online and have the delicious dog cake delivered right to your doorstep.

When time is of the essence, it's reassuring to know that these bakeries specialize in providing standard cakes with a swift lead time. This means you won't have to compromise on quality or taste just because you're running out of time. For instance, imagine realizing late that it's your furry friend's birthday tomorrow - fret not! You can rely on these bakeries to come through for you with a delectable dog-friendly creation.

Variety of Options

One advantage of opting for these quick turnaround dog cakes is the variety available. From classic flavors like peanut butter and carrot to more unconventional choices such as meatloaf, there's something for every canine palate. Furthermore, some bakeries even offer customization options, allowing you to add a personal touch by selecting specific flavors or requesting special decorations for your pet’s celebration.

  • Convenient delivery
  • Variety of options

Delivery and Pickup Options for Dog Cake Convenience

Flexible Services

Bakeries in Singapore offer a range of delivery and pickup options. These services are designed to provide maximum flexibility for pet owners. Whether you need a dog cake at short notice or want to plan ahead, these bakeries have got you covered. They understand the importance of accommodating different schedules and strive to make the process as seamless as possible.

Enjoy hassle-free access to tasty dog cakes without leaving your home. With various delivery and pickup options available, pet owners can choose the most convenient method based on their preferences and timelines. Some bakeries even offer same-day deliveries for those last-minute celebrations or unexpected events.

Cost-Effective Solutions

For those concerned about additional costs, many bakeries provide affordable or free deliveries, ensuring that pet owners can enjoy the convenience without breaking the bank. This means that not only is it easy to get a delicious dog cake for your furry friend, but it's also cost-effective.

With flexible delivery and pickup services, pet owners can place their orders with confidence knowing that they will receive their dog cakes in a timely manner—whether they opt for delivery or prefer to pick up the treats themselves from designated locations.

Certified and Licensed Dog Bakeries for Quality Assurance

Strict Standards

When choosing a dog cake in Singapore, it's crucial to prioritize your pet's health and well-being. By selecting certified and licensed bakeries, you ensure the quality and safety of the cake. These bakeries adhere to strict standards set by regulatory bodies or industry associations. They go through rigorous processes to maintain their certification, ensuring that they meet specific criteria for producing bakes for pets.

Certified dog bakeries are committed to providing the best products for your pet. They use high-quality ingredients that are safe for consumption by dogs. These bakeries follow proper hygiene practices during the baking process, minimizing any potential health risks associated with consuming the cake.

Trustworthy Choices


You've just uncovered a world of pawsitively delightful options for celebrating your furry friend in Singapore! From personalized birthday cakes to special treats for Chinese New Year, the city's dog bakeries have got it all. With quick turnaround options and convenient delivery or pickup choices, pampering your pup has never been easier. Remember to choose certified and licensed bakeries for that extra peace of mind about the quality and safety of the treats.

So, go ahead and plan the perfect celebration for your four-legged companion with these tail-wagging cake options! Your pup will thank you with slobbery kisses and endless wagging tails.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a customized birthday cake for my dog in Singapore?

Yes, many dog bakeries in Singapore offer customized birthday cakes for your furry friend. You can choose the flavor, design, and even add personalized messages to make your dog's special day memorable.

Are there any quick turnaround options available for ordering a dog cake in Singapore?

Absolutely! If you find yourself needing a last-minute celebration cake for your dog, several bakeries in Singapore offer quick turnaround options. They understand that sometimes our furry friends deserve spontaneous treats too.

Is it possible to have a special cake to celebrate Chinese New Year with my dog?

Certainly! Several specialized bakeries create unique cakes specifically designed to celebrate Chinese New Year with your beloved canine companion. These festive treats allow your pet to partake in the joyous occasion alongside you.

How do I ensure quality when ordering a dog cake from a bakery in Singapore?

Look for certified and licensed dog bakeries in Singapore as they adhere to strict quality standards and regulations. This ensures that the ingredients used are safe and healthy for dogs, providing you with peace of mind about the product's quality.

Do these dog bakeries provide delivery or pickup options for added convenience?

Yes, most reputable dog bakeries offer both delivery and pickup options so that you can choose whichever is more convenient for you. Whether it's doorstep delivery or easy pickup after work, they've got you covered.

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