August 31, 2022

15 Pet Grooming Salons in Singapore

The hot weather in Singapore makes it especially important to groom your pet regularly. With so many pet grooming salons in Singapore, which one should you choose? Here are our top picks for pet grooming salons with great reviews.

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Why Should You Send Your Pet For Professional Grooming Services?

As a pet owner, there are many reasons to send your pet for regular grooming. Your dog or cat requires cleaning and other basic services from an experienced groomer. There are some things that you simply cannot do easily at home or do as well as a professional. Here are the top reasons to send your pets for dog and cat grooming. The same principles apply for other pet animals!

1. Grooming your pet keeps their skin healthy

How do you feel when your hair is too long and hasn't been trimmed in a while? The same applies to your precious pets! Sending your dog, cat or other pet to a grooming session helps them to get rid of excess hair and prevents matted fur. Your pet will also be checked for health concerns and diseases which might otherwise have gone undetected. Detecting these problems early can help minimise the damage and ensure speedier recovery.

2. Nail trimming helps your dog to maintain a healthy gait

Overgrown nails can get in the way of your dog's walking. Unlike cats, dogs are unable to simply retract their claws. Trimming your pet's nails is a professional grooming service that maintains healthy foot structure, posture and gait. Your dog will be better able to walk and run about without hurting itself. Cats also require nail trimming, as they can otherwise get their claws stuck in various fabrics and objects around the house. This can hurt them as well.

3. Pet grooming improves their well-being

Pet grooming services are important for psychological health, too. You want your pet to feel good and look good? Send them for grooming! Your pet will feel so much cleaner, more comfortable and happier afterwards.

How To Choose Good Pet Grooming Services In Singapore

What criteria should you look out for when searching for dog grooming services or cat grooming services? Whether you're looking for basic grooming services or higher-tier services, here are some key factors to consider.

How much time do you have on your hands?

Nowadays, there are plenty of mobile pet grooming services in Singapore. These mobile pet grooming services have burgeoned as a result of busy pet owners. Schedule an appointment easily and have professional groomers come to your home! You can even have a grooming session run while working from home. Think of all the time you can save!

What level of service are you expecting?

Are you content with decent basic grooming services, or do you want your pet to experience a luxe grooming session and spa? Depending on your expectations, you may wish to opt for different pet grooming services. Some pet grooming salons are more wallet-friendly and are situated conveniently in your neighbourhood, while others promise higher-end services and facilities.

What is your budget?

Some pet owners prefer to go for economical options that are cheap and good, while others want to indulge their precious pets and don't mind splurging on boutique salons. There are a wide range of grooming services in Singapore that can meet your needs!

Does your pet dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig or bird have any special requirements?

If your pet has special requirements, you need to be more selective when it comes to choosing a salon. For example, some pets experience separation anxiety, or are more easily stressed by changes in their environment. Mobile groomers may be ideal for these animals since they can remain in the comforts of a familiar territory. Other pets are more difficult in temperament. You may look for pet groomers who are reputable, and would likely have to try a few different pet groomers to find one your pet is comfortable with.

Ready to search for your next pet grooming centre? Here are our top curated picks for quality dog grooming, cat grooming or other pet grooming services.

Popular Pet Grooming Salons to Choose From

1. Awesome Pawsome

Dog Basic Grooming | Awesome Pawsome

Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds. Awesome Pawsome specialises in mobile house-call pets grooming services in Singapore. Their grooming service is available island-wide. Get quality dog grooming and cat grooming services conducted in the comfort of your home. Your pet will be more comfortable in this familiar environment. Opting for home pet grooming also reduces stress-inducing factors and risks from coming into contact with other pets.

At the same time, the pet groomers are just as professional as the ones from traditional stores. Awesome Pawsome's groomers have extensive experience from reputable pet shops. The grooming salon has also obtained C class qualification in pet safety, as awarded by the Singapore Kennel Club.

Furthermore, Awesome Pawsome groomers promise high standards of sanitation and will help to clean up afterwards!

Contact them at:

Phone : (+65) 91171087 or WhatsApp: (+65) 91171087


2. Surrpaws


Surrpaws is the first pet shop in Singapore to provide pet grooming services for 5 types of companion pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. They provide a full suite of grooming services for you to choose from. You can opt for them as la carte services or get their packages depending on your needs.

Surrpaws is also a one-stop shop that provides a wide range of curated pet food, accessories and toys. No time to drop a visit? Not to worry! You can shop online on Shopee and have your Surrpaws products delivered straight to your doorstep. If you are looking for a pet store to solve all your needs, Surrpaws may be the one for you.

They have even been featured in media such as Lianhe Zaobao, Pets Magazine and Timeout. This shows the quality of their services so you know they're a credible store. The media features also make them highly sought after, so be sure to book your appointments in advance!

Contact them at: +65 8845 7183

Address: 590 Montreal Link #01-21 Singapore 750590


3. Furkids


Furkids is a well-equipped and sanitary pet grooming salon in Singapore. Furkids has been recognised as one of the Top 3 Pet Services in 2022 by for the 7th consecutive year, since 2016. It was also rated the Finest Pet Grooming Salon in 2021 by

There are several basic and full grooming packages you can choose from. Furkids is well-established and has many positive reviews from delighted customers. There are also great promotions that may interest you.

For example, Furkids provides free teeth brushing services and a free toothbrush for your puppy's very first grooming session. If it is your dog's birthday, it can even enjoy a free spa treatment! Lastly, you can get $10 off your next grooming if you refer a friend.

Contact them at: +65 9046 0410

Address: Block 412 Bedok North Avenue 2 #01-136 Singapore 460412


4. Pet Lovers Centre

Pet Lovers Centre

You've probably heard of this one! Pet Lovers Centre is a renowned all-in-one pets store. This reputable pet shop has many outlets across Singapore, which makes it extremely convenient. You can always get the services and products that you are used to from any of their outlets. Pet Lovers Centre grooms cats and dogs.

Their basic grooming package includes nail clipping, plucking inner ear fur, ear cleaning, shaving paw pads, bathing, and trimming of your pet's fur at the nose bridge and paw areas. These services help to maintain your pet's hygiene. Full grooming is also available if you want hair styling and cutting for your dog or pet.

Rates are transparently stated on website, with prices ranging between $40 and $135 for dog basic grooming and between $75 and $160 for full dog grooming. The bath prices for dogs range from $25 to $60.

Prices range between $75 and $90 for basic cat grooming and $130 to $150 for full cat grooming services.

Contact them at:

You can find their outlets at:

  • Great World City
  • Holland Village
  • Serangoon Gardens
  • Simpang Bedok
  • Tampines 139
  • Toa Payoh Central
  • Valley Point
  • Waterway Point
  • Sixth Avenue Bukit Timah


5. Pooch's Image

Tricia ong - Vaingloriousyou at Pooch's Image

This pet salon offers a wide range of canine, feline, bunny and guinea pig grooming services. They even provide pet taxi services from anywhere island-wide. All prices are stated on the website, ranges depend on dog breed (for canine grooming) and type of service. Basic grooming ranges from $35 to $120, and full grooming services range from $85 to $200.

There are also workshops to help you learn how to manage daily basic grooming at home. Learn from professional instructors at Pooch’s Image’s toy breed grooming workshop which happens every Monday!

Contact them at: 63444044 or 83688444 - (Whatsapp only)

Address: 119 Upper East Coast Road, Singapore


6. Inu Town

Inu Town

Inu Town has won several awards and recognition spots in online blogs. It specialises in dog grooming services. If you have been searching for a trustworthy dog grooming service, this is it.

The prices are also highly affordable, ranging from $45 for basic grooming, to $90 for full grooming. Inu Town also charges $25 for a wash and blow.

Inu Town is highly raved in many reviews, which mention the groomers' meticulous nature and ability to deal with temperamental dogs well. If your dog requires more care and is tougher to handle, Inu Town may have the right experienced groomers for you!

Contact: 8769 6118

Address: 215K Upper Thomson Road, Singapore, 574349


7. The Precious Pets

Cutie Pudding Adorable Haircut (Maltese Mobile Dog Grooming Singapore)

There’s no place like home! The Precious Pets brings professional pet grooming services right to your doorstep. There are also a range of other home pet services to meet your pet needs. These mobile pet grooming services are available for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and more.

If your pet requires more care and attention, or suffers from separation anxiety or high stress in unfamiliar environments, you may benefit from these mobile grooming services.

The Precious Pets are certified pet groomers who are extremely responsible and believe in providing excellent care in a comfortable environment. With so many positive reviews on their Facebook page, you can trust that your pet will be in safe hands!

Simply make your booking on the website to get an appointment!

Contact them at: 9697 3337


8. Pawcious Style

Pawcious Style

Pawcious Style is a pet groomer that is highly raved by many long-time customers. The reviews state that grooming services are highly professional and the groomers are able to handle pets with care and put them at ease. There are also spa treatments, pet daycare and pet boarding services, making this an ideal one-stop shop for dog and other pet owners.

Contact: 8893 5642

Address: 403 Sembawang Rd, Singapore 758384


9. Pet Pat Grooming

Pet Pat Grooming

Do you own a pet cat? If so, you may not want to stress it by grooming it in an environment with dogs and other animals around. Feline friends typically prefer not to be in such environments. Instead, you can drop a visit to Pet Pat, a cat grooming salon that offers a range of specialised services.

You can even choose the type of cut and style you want your cat to don. Transform your cat’s look with a lion cut or bear cut.

Pet Pat Grooming also offers parasites treatment, dental teeth cleaning, nails trimming and relaxing spa treatments. Take note that there will be a surcharge for aggressive cats and for those with matted fur.

Contact: +65 82626864

Address: 183 Jalan Pelikat The Promenade Mall #B1-41 Singapore 537643


10. Grooming Studio

Singapore mobile pet groomer Lexis Tan

Say goodbye to woes about time-consuming waiting lines! Get your pet dog, cat, rabbit or guinea pig groomed conveniently from the comforts of home. You can even work from home while having your pet groomed by a professional!

All groomers are professionally certified and can be trusted to perform the same services that are available at traditional pet salons in Singapore. 

Not only do they provide basic grooming, they also offer a full grooming package which include shower, spa, nail clipping, paw pad trimming and more.

Prices are transparently stated on their website so that you are aware of the rates before opting for their services.

It is also extremely easy to make a booking, with just 3 steps needed to secure your spot via WhatsApp.

Contact: +65 84141441


11. The Wicked Wag Pet Salon & Hotel

The Wicked Wag Pet Salon & Hotel

The Wicked Wag, also known as TWW, is a modern grooming salon with a Japanese-inspired minimalistic concept.

Treat your dog to a luxurious grooming or aromatic essential oil spas session at The Wicked Wag. It caters specially to dogs so you know they are focused and good at what they do!

Apart from grooming, The Wicked Wag also offers daycare, hotel stays, and retail services. Pet transportation services are available as well through their partner Petmate. They offer top-notch service and the groomers are able to handle dogs with different temperaments well.

Contact: 97764316 or 62527717

Address: 77 Indus Road #01-511 Singapore (160077)


12. Bubbly Petz

Bubbly Petz

Bubbly Petz offers pet grooming for dogs and cats. They believe in improving the pets’ psychological well-being as well as physical health and aesthetics through grooming.

All products are made of clean, natural ingredients that are gentle and safe even for pets with sensitive skin. They are also cruelty-free, plant-based and more sustainable in nature. Bubbly Petz cares for your pets and demonstrates this through the excellent service they provide. They also help to educate pet owners on basic grooming at home through their workshops.

Contact: 96563786

Address: 266 Joo Chiat Road Singapore 427520


13. Likeable Pets 

Likeable Pets

Likeable Pets is another mobile pet grooming service in Singapore. They provide island-wide house call services so you can get access to their help from anywhere.

Their quality of service is vouched for by the media, including Expat Living, Singapore’s Finest, Vanilla Pup and other reviewers. Perfect for today’s hustlers who are busy but still want to provide the best care for their pets.

Likeable Pets provides grooming services for dogs, cats and rabbits. There are plenty of starring reviews. The rates are stated on their website and differ depending on size. Likeable Pets also cares about education and keeps a blog where you can read up on important tips to care for your pets.

Contact: 8685 2360


14. Takara Pets

Takara Pets

Takara Pets originated from an online blog shop for pet-related items. Takara means “treasure” in Japanese, and this represents the groomers’ hearts to care for all pets as their own precious gems.

The interior is therefore designed to fit a homely concept where pet owners and their furkids can enjoy quality time together. The staff are also very dedicated towards providing great service and making the pets feel comfortable while being groomed. Takara Pets offers pet grooming, spa services, pet transport and delivery options for pet products.

Unlike most places, this exquisite pet salon offers grooming services for dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and even parrots.

Takara Pets uses the scissoring method for dog grooming instead of clipping. This gives a more natural, aesthetic look and is gentler on the skin

You may opt for their basic grooming or full grooming packages.

Contact: 9115 7157 or 9646 4141

Address: Woodlands Outlet 785E Woodlands Rise #01-10 Singapore 735785


15. Pawpy Kisses

Pawpy Kisses

Want to get professional styling for your pets? Pawpy Kisses may be the one for you.

Each pet groomer is professionally certified and specialises in grooming specific dog or cat breeds. This provides them with a level of focus and expertise which is not easily found elsewhere. You can check out their weekly updated pet grooming gallery on their website for images of their pet clients! They are also active on social media.

Apart from providing grooming services, Pawpy Kisses is a one-stop shop that offers retail pet products. They have a physical outlet and an online shop that can deliver straight to your doorstep. They even regularly have sales, which can help you in cost savings.

Take care of all your pet needs easily at this pet grooming salon and shop in Singapore.

Contact: 9060 6501

Address: 238 Balestier Road #01-01, #01-02, #01-03 Singapore 329701


Have a question about your pet? Talk to a vet

Final Thoughts

Apart from nutrition, grooming is a basic need that all pets require. It keeps them clean and comfortable, and prevents deeper health issues from occurring.

With so many groomers in Singapore, it can be tough to choose the perfect dog groomer or cat groomer. Start by considering the most important factors to you and search for professional groomers with great reviews!

If you have other medical concerns for your beloved pet, you may also send them for veterinary check-ups. Pawlyclinic is always here to help!

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