October 1, 2022

13 Most Popular Dog Training Schools In Singapore

Dog training is an essential part of owning a dog. It is advisable to send your young pup for puppy training the moment you get it. Training your dog ensures that it has good social etiquette and makes it easier to bring your dog out. It can also make it easier to handle it at home.

Of course, it's not simply about getting compliance from your dog. The foundation of dog obedience comes from building a strong bond between the dog and its owner. Going for dog training allows you to better understand your dog and creates better mutual communication. Your dog will also be happier when you have a positive relationship.

Here are 13 of the most popular dog training schools in Singapore that we have shortlisted and sorted by alphabetical order for you!

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1. Happy-Dog Training Singapore

Happy-Dog dog trainer

Happy-Dog Training Singapore is another popular dog training centre. The main pet trainer is Mark, who has been caring for dogs since he was young. Fellow dog owners like Mark can relate better to you and help you navigate different behavioural issues. He is a Certified Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and has volunteered internationally in animal shelters. With such diverse experience in handling untamed dogs, Mark is well equipped to handle different pedigrees easily.

Happy-Dog Training offers a free group class upon completion of basic classes. His dog training classes cater to a range of needs, including puppy training, to fearfulness, aggression, separation anxiety, and reactivity to other dogs. Happy-Dog Training even provides training for canine nose work, to improve a dog's senses for special work.


2. House of Smarty Paws

House of Smarty Paws

House of Smarty Paws offers an extensive range of dog-related services, including dog training, day care, dog walking, grooming and exercise. You can entrust them with puppy training, hydro training fitness, socialising and other types of classes. You can customise your programme based on the services they provide.

House of Smarty Paws has a team of certified dog trainers who collectively have over 40 years of dog training experience. You can trust these professional trainers to do the trick with even the toughest canines! House of Smarty Paws also promises a safe and fun environment for your dog.


3. Mutt Matters

Mutt Matters

Unlike some other dog training in Singapore, Mutt Matters offers customised programmes tailored to your training goals. Mutt Matters' personalised sessions allow you to correct specific behavioural issues in a more tailored manner.

To do this, Mutt Matters first assesses your home environment and lifestyle, taking these factors into account to propose practical ways of training your dog. Their trainer then provides individual attention and coaching for your pet dog based on what they have learned.

Furthermore, the training plan is customisable and flexible. This means that the dog trainer is given autonomy to change your dog's curriculum based on how well it is responding to the sessions. The level of customisation available makes Mutt Matters a great option for dog parents who are concerned about specific dog behaviours or have more troubled dogs. However, Mutt Matters is also more than skilled to handle basic dog obedience training.

Mutt Matters is run by Anna Koo, a U.S. Certified professional dog trainer and Certified Canine Behaviour Consultant (CBCC-KA). You can definitely trust this dedicated trainer with the toughest behavioural issues!


4. Pawrus Dog Training Singapore

Pawrus Dog Training Singapore

Pawrus Dog Training Singapore is a dog training academy that offers an extensive range of courses and programs. Their professional dog trainers use positive reinforcement pedagogy to encourage behaviour modification.

Pawrus is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) that is led by a Singapore Senior Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Training Director, Kevin Yeo. Kevin has trained military working dogs and pet dogs for many years. He has years of experience training dogs in Singapore, Taiwan, and the U.S.

Pawrus is the first dog training academy to specialise in the development of positive emotions in dogs and people using science-based methods. Pawrus believes in building a dog's confidence to become the best version of itself, with positive emotive traits such as independence, happiness, stability, and adaptability.

If you believe "happy dog, happy life" applies to you, then Pawrus may be one of the best dog training schools for you.


5. Pawsitive Furkids

Pawsitive Furkids

Another leading dog training school in Singapore is Pawsitive Furkids. This Singapore-based dog training academy specialises in a variety of dog training classes. They have five main categories of courses, including basic obedience training, behaviour modification, puppy kindergarten for new pups, canine conditioning fitness and agility, and trick training. True to its name, Pawsitive Furkids promises a pawsitive experience for all dog owners and pets.

Whether you're looking to have a more well-behaved dog, or want to have some fun bonding with your dog and teaching it new tricks, Pawsitive Furkids has something for you. They even offer customised private classes to cater to your unique dog training goals.

If you are not sure of what your dog requires, Pawsitive Furkids also offers consultation services to guide you towards an appropriate course.

Pawsitive is operated by Patrick and Veronica, who are Certified Trick Dog Instructors (CTDI) and Canine Conditioning Fitness Coaches (CCFC). This means that the trainers actually specialise in training dog agility and tricks. If you are on the lookout for personable dog trainers who can help your dog achieve better agility or learn tricks for competitions, Pawsitive may be the one for you.

It may also be of encouragement to you that Pawsitive's training methods are Low-Stress Handling Silver Certified. Pawsitive uses positive reinforcement and force-free training techniques to train dogs, ensuring that your dog stays safe and happy throughout the process.


6. Perfect K9 Dog Training Singapore

Perfect K9 Dog Training Singapore

Perfect K9 promises effective pet training classes by Doris Lam. Doris has 19 years of animal training experience, and utilises a positive reinforcement approach towards her canine students. She has developed various humane training techniques to teach basic canine manners and help transform even the most rambunctious dog into a well-behaved dog.

Perfect K9 focuses on lifestyle communication training, which aims to assimilate pet animals with your daily life. The obedience commands that Perfect K9 emphasises are thus those that will help your dog develop the social skills and manners needed to fit in today's society. You will learn how to handle your dog in real-life scenarios instead of only in fixed scenarios with no distractions.

Doris is also an Animals Reiki master. Perfect K9 is unique in using Reiki (pronounced as "Ray Key"), which means "Universal Life Force Energy". Not many dog trainers utilise this traditional art of energy healing, so if you believe in its potency, Perfect K9 may be a great place to try it.


7. Pokédog Training School

Pokédog Training School

Ever dreamed of training your own Pokémon? You may not be able to do that in real life, but training your pet dog comes pretty close. Pokédog Training School is a popular dog training school in Singapore that uses a progressive reinforcement training approach.

Build an ideal bond and strengthen rapport with your dog with Pokédog's creative training solutions. This training academy also emphasises the importance of communication and fostering deep connections with your dog in the process.

Their services can be categorised into several main groups. Pokédog Training School offers puppy training for those aged 6 months and below. They also provide life and social skills training, behaviour modification, separation anxiety classes, private day training, and enrichment walks. Take your pick in choosing the most effective method to train and socially integrate your dogs.

PokéDog Training School is run by Clara and Marianne, both certified professional dog trainers who have earned many glowing testimonials over the years. Clara is a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP), Separation Anxiety Pro Trainer Certified (SA), a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA), a Fear Free Certified Professional (FFCP) trainer, and even has a Master of Science in Human-Canine Life Science from the U.S.


8. Puppy Colours Singapore

Puppy Colours Singapore

Puppy Colours is another Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner (KPA CTP) in Singapore. Learn to take charge of the relationship between you and your dog and help your dog develop better behaviour and confidence with Puppy Colours.

Puppy Colours aims to help dog owners train their dogs in a fun and effective manner, using only positive reinforcement techniques backed by behavioural science.

Their Puppy Life Skills private classes come with an in-campus socialisation option. This is their signature programme which follows the gold standard of puppy socialisation in the industry. If you have just gotten your young pup (2 to 6 months of age), this class would be perfect for you.

Puppy Colours has certified dog trainers who can help train your puppy and teach it basic canine manners at Day School while you are busy at work. Your dog will also be able to learn and socialise with other dogs. This will not only teach them to be more well-behaved but also enrich their lives with social activity.


9. Sunny Chong Dog Training School

Sunny Chong Dog Training School

Sunny Chong Dog Training and Dog Behaviour School is one of the best dog training schools in Singapore. Few dog trainers are as gifted as Sunny, who realised that he had a talent with dog training and began his journey from a young age. Sunny Chong's team of dog specialists will recommend the best programme for you based on the problems you need to address.

They are able to help with potty training, socialising, and basic dog obedience. The academy has a structured training syllabus that provides consistency and has shown proven quality results over the years.

Sunny Chong Dog Training School is able to train and educate your dog while you are away at home or at work. Send your dog to obedience day school for a fun day of classes that will teach them to obey your commands. The professional dog trainers will help your dog avoid improper reactions to distractions and loud noises, which often happen in the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

You can also opt for swimming and treadmill exercises for your dog to keep them active and fit!


10. SuperNova International Dog Sports Academy

SuperNova International Dog Sports Academy

Want your dog to be a super-pet? What better place to train them than at SuperNova? SuperNova International Dog Sports Academy is a reputable dog training school that uses science-based, positive reinforcement techniques. This is perfect for dog owners who want to make sure their pets are being treated well and do not suffer any psychological or physical harm in the process of training.

SuperNova emphasises building good rapport between dogs and their owners. This makes SuperNova a great choice for new dog owners who are looking for puppy training services.

SuperNova also has a holistic group of dog trainers who specialise in obedience and agility. If you're looking to get your dog professionally trained for stunts and special tricks, you can trust SuperNova to do the job. Their agility trainers have represented Singapore at international dog agility competitions before, and are some of the best in the world.


11. Urban K-9

Urban K-9

Urban K-9 was founded in 2016 by Ethan and Serene. Ethan had served in the Singapore Police Force K-9 unit and gained professional training and field experience with dogs. These dogs were trained for narcotics and protection work purposes.

His love and passion for dogs inspired him to found Urban K-9 with Serene, who had been running a home-based dog boarding and daycare service as well. They have extensive experience in working with a diverse range of dogs, including those who had previously been abandoned by their owners due to behavioural issues.

Urban K-9 views dog training as the art of perfecting the relationship between humans and dogs. They go beyond simply teaching dogs a fixed set of obedience commands or employing techniques from a single school of thought to achieve compliance.

Instead, Urban K-9 creatively works with different dogs and dog owners to foster rapport between them and build a relationship based on trust, respect, empathy, understanding, and a good communication system.

They start their classes off by teaching clients dog psychology, so that people can better understand their dogs, the way they think, and canine body language. Urban K-9 also teaches dog owners to meet their dogs' different needs, and lastly equips them to handle their dogs in real-world situations. These techniques are evergreen and can be adapted for different scenarios. By attending Urban K-9 with your dog, you will become a more confident dog owner.


12. Waggies Dog Training Singapore

Waggies Dog Training Singapore

Waggies Dog Training School is an established centre that conducts private and group lessons. Its core mission is to help foster two-way relationships between man and man's best friend. Waggies is run mainly by a dog trainer with over 30 years of experience, Patrick Wong. Patrick has coached many students to win Dog Obedience competitions in the past. His accolades showcase the level of skill he has in achieving positive outcomes. As a dog owner, you will receive hands-on lessons on dog training techniques when attending his classes.

Waggies offers a basic dog obedience course that is great for new puppy training. You will be able to do potty training, correct excessive barking, prevent your dog from jumping on people, and resolve issues such as chewing, barking, biting, and dog aggression. They can also teach your dog to respond to commands even without a leash.

While they offer both private and group classes, group classes are recommended as they provide a more realistic environment filled with distractions and external elements.

If you would like to send your dog for basic obedience training, you can sign up for Waggies' 10-week course.


13. Woofie Dog Training Singapore

Woofie Dog Training Singapore

Woofie is a highly popular dog training school in Singapore. Although the dog training school is relatively new, their trainers have been handling and training dogs since 2012 in the Police K9 unit. This inspired them to branch out and start their own dog training school in 2018.

Woofie Dog Training uses humane dog training techniques and believes that every dog can be trained. You can turn to Woofie for basic obedience training as well as more advanced behaviour training and correction. This home-grown brand has already amassed over 1.2K followers on Instagram and earned many positive reviews from past customers.

Woofie Dog Training can assist in toilet training, leash control, and increasing obedience to your commands. They will even teach you how to do medical first aid treatment for your furkids, allowing you to better take care of them on your own at home.

Under the Behavioural Training course, Woofie provides aggression training, to reduce territorial aggression, food aggression, possessive aggression, barking or whining, puppy biting and anxiety problems.


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How to Choose The Right Dog Training School

With so many dog training schools in Singapore, you may not be sure which is the best for you. Here are a few factors to consider when selecting your dog trainer.

1. Structure or Flexibility

Larger dog schools provide structured classes that ensure every dog goes through the same consistent training. On the other hand, smaller dog schools and trainers tend to provide more customisation and flexibility based on your unique needs and goals. Both are valid options and can be good choices. It all depends on your needs and preferences.

2. Private Classes or Group Workshops

Most dog training schools offer both private classes and group workshops. However, you may want to look out for this and consider which mode you prefer.

3. Dog Obedience Training, Behaviour Modification, or Dog Agility Training

There are many different types of classes that your dog can take. However, the main categories fall under basic dog obedience, behaviour modification for dogs with existing behavioural issues, and dog agility training. You can consider the dog trainers' certifications and experience based on your needs to make the best choice. Most dog trainers specialise in one or two aspects of dog training. For example, some dog trainers are better equipped to train dogs in agility and tricks.

4. Emphasis on Values and Human-Dog Relationship

How important is it to you that your dog training school emphasises values and helps strengthen your bond with your dog? Some schools are able to achieve excellent results without your presence. Other schools require you to attend classes along with your dog to equip you with the skills to train your dog in future. These classes can also help both of you to bond. However, these can be more time-consuming for you.

5. Trust in the Trainer

Lastly, it is important that the dog trainers are certified. You may look up their credentials on their website or online, and check for positive reviews before making your final choice.


Choosing the right dog trainer can make a huge difference in your and your dog's experience. Be sure to conduct research on the dog trainer and select the best one for you based on your individual goals and preferences.

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